Entry #1

Drum And Bass

2008-03-02 10:25:10 by Ambrossys

I'm about to make a DnB song,
But first I have to practise with drums, and I want your help.
If you've got a great site where you can learn the drum "tactics" please
tell me about it, please.

And also, I was just browsing the audio portal today, looked at "Miscellaneous" and
'WTF?', my old crappy song was there on the first page. 42nd for now...

So... If it's that bad, why not check it out? ^^
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /118226

( first news...... yay :D )
Thanks for reading and commenting
- Ambrossys


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2008-03-02 14:40:25

Hope it goes well


2008-03-02 14:41:42

Also -Old Village- is 17 on the front page!!! :OOOO

Ambrossys responds:

Shit, is it 17th now? D:

This is bad :S


2008-03-03 08:32:15

Haha, not anymore.

Looks like someone gave it 0 ^^
It's back down to a rating of 4.24 / 5.00